Where To Buy


Outlet Address Tel
Central Bangna Ground Fl., Jewelry Department, near 
Central Changwattana 2nd Fl., Jewelry Department, near the 
escalator to 2nd Fl. 
Central Chidlom 1 2nd Fl., Grasses Department, near the escalator to 1st Fl. 02-655-7850
Central  Chidlom 2 7th FL. near Food Loft  02-255-6972
Central  Festival Chiangmai 1st FL. Woman's Department near Shoes Department  053-288-647
Central Festival Had Yai 1st FL. near the escalator   074-223-298
Central  Festival Pattaya Beach 2nd Fl., Jewelry Department, near the escalator to 2nd Floor. 038 043-430
Central  Festival Phuket 1st Fl.,Jewelry Department.  076-307-200
Central  Future Park Rangsit Ground Fl., near Cosmetics Department at the entrance to Plaza area. 02-958-5190
Central Ladprao 1st Fl., Jewelry Department, next to Cosmetics Department  02-541-1250
Central  Pinklao 1st Fl., Jewelry Department.    02-884-8094
Central  Rama2 1st Fl., Cosmetics Department near Promotion area.  02-872-1434
Central  Rama3 1st Fl., Jewelry Department  02-673-6021
Central  Silom  Complex 1st Fl., Jewelry Department near Cosmetics Department 02-632-0844
Central  West  Gate 1st Fl., Jewelry Department near Clock Department 02-194-4947
Central  Nakhon  Ratchasima 1st Fl., near Cosmetics Department 044-002-917


Outlet Address Tel
Robinson Sukhumvit 1st Fl., Jewelry Department 02-651-0024
Robinson Suratthani 1st Fl., Jewelry Department. near Shoe Department.  077-489-966
Robinson Udonthani 1st Fl., Jewelry Department near Clothing Department.  042-223-044
Robinson Had Yai 1st Fl., Jewelry Department.   02-255-6972
Robinson Rama 9 1st Fl., Jewelry Department.  02-160-3956
Robinson Chiangmai 1st Fl., near clock Department.  095-367-4530
Robinson Prachinburi 1st Fl., near Cosmetics Department.  037-454-848
Robinson Rangsit Ground Fl., opposite True Shop.  097-139-5972
Robinson Fashion Island 1st Fl., Cosmetics Department near the escalator   095-367-4562

The Mall

Outlet Address Tel
The Mall Bangkae 2nd Fl., Plaza area near Jaspal Shop 02-454-9348
The Mall Bangkapi Ground Fl., near TMB Bank 095-367-4924
Siam Paragon 1st Fl., Jewelry Department 095-368-1268
The Mall Nakhon Ratchasima 1st Fl., near chester's grill restaurant 095-368-0947


Outlet Address Tel
Fashion Island 2 nd Fl., Plaza area, in front of BIG C' supermarket.  02-947 -5945
Hua Hin Market Village 2 nd Fl., Jewelry Department, Center area in front of Thai Farmer Bank.  032 -526-420